Q. Do you deliver and how far? Is there a delivery fee?
     A. Of course we deliver and yes there is a delivery fee. We have a large vehicle that allows us to do any size job. No order is to small or            big. We will deliver ANYWHERE as long as you pay the anywhere delivery fee. Please contact your balloon consultant for a delivery               quote.

Q. Do you have a minimum on a balloon order? 
     A. No, we do not have a minimum.

Q. When should I place my balloon order?
     A. As soon as possible. Our delivery dates fill up pretty quickly. The sooner the better in case we have to order last minute supplies.
         However, we can still fulfill last minute request.

Q. Do you deliver to daycares, hospitals or school?
     A. Yes, we do but it is your responsibility to make sure the delivery will be accepted. Most schools do not accept latex balloons because
          of latex allergies. Foil balloons might be an option.

Q. Do you offer package deals?
     A. Sorry at this time we do not offer package deals. Every piece is A LA CARTE (per piece). Please check back at a further date, we are
         in the process of trying to offer packages. 

Q. Do you require a deposit to hold a date & time?
     A. There is a $50.00 deposit to hold a date and time. Final payment needs to be paid in full a week prior to your event. The
         only payment accepted the day of your event is CASH. Sorry but we do not carry cash with us, so exact amount owed is needed.

Q. Are there any other fees I maybe responsible for?
     A. There will be a deposit/rental fee for weighted bases and frame work for columns and arch's etc. Once the weighted bases and or                    framework has been returned by the customer your deposit will be fully refunded if nothing is missing from the sets. It is the customers          responsibility to get the rental equipment back to Balloon Magic within a week. Failure to do so will result in a NO REFUND of your                  deposit. Refer to your contract. Balloon Magic will do our best to meet our customers half way to get any rental equipment. If Balloon
         Magic is hired to strike the job at the end of the event Balloon Magic will be responsible for the rental equipment returned back to                    Balloon Magic facility. Customer is still held responsible if a rental piece goes missing during their event.

Q. Do you charge sales tax?
     A. Yes the state of New Jersey requires we charge a 7% NJ STATE sales tax 

Q. What type of payment do you accept?
     A. We accept all major credit cards including Visa debit cards. Checks are accepted but not the day of the event. A check needs time to            clear. The only payment accepted the day of is CASH. 

Q. How long do your 11" standard latex last? 
     A. Balloons last 10-14 hours long. However, if you need them to last longer we can add a liquid substance to your latex balloon for .25                cents each balloon. When adding the substance your balloons can last 5 times longer.       

Q. Do you provide balloon décor outside? 
     A. Yes we do. However, we are not responsible for Mother Nature. Heat can cause your darker colored balloons to create a white dull 
          looking film or even cause them to pop. Wind can cause your balloons to fly around and pop. Wind can also blow your arch over, 
          depends on how windy it can get.  Rain or thunder can also cause popping. Therefore, Balloon Magic will NOT be held                                   responsible for outside balloon décor. If you understand that we will not be held responsible but would still like balloons for your outside
          event we would be happy to do them for you.  

Q.  I have my own centerpieces already will you attach your balloons to my centerpieces?
     A. The answer is NO! We will create whatever you need but you will have to have someone attach the balloons to your centerpieces. We 
           will not be held responsible for work we did not create. 

Q. Do you clean up the balloons after my party?
     A. Sure, we will strike the job for a fee. Please contact your balloon consultant for a strike quote.

Q. Do you rent helium tanks?
    A. Sorry at this time we DO NOT rent helium tanks. There has been issues with a helium shortage.

Q. Can I inhale helium from balloons? I like the way it makes my voice sound. 
     A. Absolutely not!  Breathing in pure helium deprives the body from oxygen,  as if you were holding your breath. If you couldn't breath
         at all, you'd start to die in minutes-as soon as your body exhausted the supply of oxygen stored in the blood. But helium speeds up 
         the process. When the gas fills your lungs, it creates a diffusion gradient that washes out the oxygen. In other words, each breath of 
         helium you take sucks more oxygen out of your system. After inhaling helium, the body's oxygen level can plummet to a hazardous                level in a matter of seconds.